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Ricaffe special is company, which is focused on searching and importing coffee specialities to Europe so far unknown and offers gourmets and daily drinkers the opportunity to experience what they normally cannot buy.

School of coffee, from left Jorge, Netto and Max

We import coffee with a clear origin, with health certificates, month and year of harvest (important for the quality of coffee), determining the type and only 100% noble Arabica from one farmer and one field, not like other companies with a mixture of Arabica (Arabica from several different farmers and farms).

Ricaffe is a compound of two Spanish words - "rica" which means rich or very tasty and "Café" or coffee. To our satisfaction, it suffices to say, that our coffee is shady.

We are buying coffees directly from farmers without middlemen. Farmers therefore get a 20-30% more to increase its further development, improve the quality and quantity, or the reopening of unmanaged farms due to lack of money. Farms are visited several times a year and performed the quality control of coffee trees, fruits and as well a fertilizer (such as organic coffee).


The last word in Catacion (taste and quality test of coffee) are specialists with long experience and visible results on the international scene.

Ernesto V. Zarco

Ernesto V. ZarcoErnesto V. Zarco my teacher and friend - ingeniero agronomists, with accreditation 'star cupper de El Salvador ", a specialist at Starbucks and is currently the organizer of course coffee (catacion, tostada, barismo) around the world (e.g. China and Taiwan ).

Jorge A. Escobar Borja

Jorge A. Escobar Borja no less famous, who works at an executive department of coffee and is responsible for quality throughout the production in El Salvador. It is also a "star cupper de El Salvador" and holds many other awards. Most value was second place at the World Cup Catacion SCAE 2008

Ivan Hromek

Ivan Hromek working with coffee since 2009.I graduated courses catacion, roasting coffee and barismo in the Escuela de Café de El Salvador in San Salvador, just under the leadership of Jorge and Netto. When I first flew to El Salvador, I did not know anything about coffee, so I jumped straight into the lions' arms.

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